Eyeball tattooing…Warning: Not for the faint of heart!

Warning: Not for the faint of heart!

Now this is just crazy! They have found a way to tattoo, pierce and change the color of the whites of your eyeball!!!! I don’t understand the need or the want to have this done for fun. One little hair of a move and BOOM blind. Leaving behind a lot of the speculations about moral or aesthetic aspects of eyeball tattooing, we are going to try to just reveal the basic information about this type of tattoo art, which is getting more and more popular these days.

Eyeball tattooing is a novel “invention” to join many other body modification techniques, such as piercing, pearling, multiple implants, tongue splitting, scarifications and other things.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart!! Warning: Not for the faint of heart!!

In January 2010, the MSNBC program “Lockup” featured a segment about two prisoners, who got eyeball tattoos. One of the prisoners had the whites of his eyes colored red, another did his blue. One of the prisoners, the one with the red-eyes, said that it was “painful” (like “hot icepicks”) but didn’t reveal the process he used to do the tattoo. He said that he only wanted to “do a little dot” but the ink spread all throughout the white of his eye. Lord knows when you’re serving time you want to look your best for that hour you get out in the yard…LOL

Here’s another gem. You’ve tattooed your entire head with a rocking checker pattern but your stupid eyeballs are right there in the middle of your head ruining the following color scheme. What do you do? If you said “Grab a needle and inject colored ink into your own eyeballs,” then you’re absolutely right! And by “right,” of course I mean “as this Portland man Matt Gone, the tattoo enthusiast has done”.

“It’s quite amazing,” says Lane Jensen, who saw the tattooing take place at a Canadian body-modification convention. “Over a couple of weeks, it floods across the white and stains the eyeball perfectly,” Jensen, who also publishes Tattoo & Piercing magazine, told The Post, “It’s trippy – and definitely starts some interesting conversations.” Some has said, when doctors do it, it’s called corneal tattooing; but when perfectly healthy folks looking for new horizons in tattooing, piercing, scarring, etc., do it, it’s nuts.

Though eyeball tattoo may seem to be the brainchild of this modern generation, it’s actually not. Eyeball tattooing belongs to the oldest forms of tattoo art, already known for about 2 thousand years. Masking eye defects, such as leucoma opacities of the eye (white spots on eye, cornea), was and still remains the main reason for making eyeball tattoo in medical practice. Technically speaking, eyeball tattoo or corneal tattooing, as it is known in medicine, is a procedure of altering the color of human eyeball by injecting ink, usually regular ink for tattooing, under the cornea of an eye. In some cases, the cornea part of the eye is tattooed. Corneal tattoos are sometimes done in order to cover a corneal scar that is a result of a burn or other eye trauma.

Last Warning: Not for the faint of heart!

OK listen, getting an eyeball tattoo is an extreme form of body modification. Though the idea to turn one’s eyeballs red or yellow may look attractive, different, and inspiring for fans of tattooing, it is necessary to keep in mind that eyeball tattoo is associated with certain medical risks. It goes without saying that only a skillful tattoo master or a professional doctor is capable of making eyeball tattoo; but even in that case there is always a risk of blood vessel damage, perforation, hemorrhage, infection or blindness to occur.

What do you think of eyeball-tattoos or piercing?




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