“PT 2 of Biracial Hair Is Beautiful”


Another Natural Look - Chrisette Michele Close Crop

There were a lot of hits on the “Biracial Hair Is Beautiful” blog, so I decided to go a little deeper into the subject. This article will prove to be critically important to those of you who have had little to no experience with combing kinky hair. Ethnic, natural and biracial hair needs to be treated with extra care because of its naturally dry nature and tight curl pattern.

Waist Length Natural Hair



Apply a Moisturizer or Detangler to the hair, you should never comb kinky hair when it’s dry. You are more likely to tear hair out or cause split ends and breakage if you do. Instead, you should first apply a water based moisturizer to the hair. Do not apply so much that the hair becomes “wet”, but apply enough so that the moisturizer is evenly distributed throughout the hair. Moisturized hair has more elasticity and is less likely to break during combing.



Section hair in 4 or more sections

Section it Off. Combing kinky hair can be made more efficientby sectioning off parts and working on them one at a time. Part the hair in 4 (or more if needed) sections and use scrunchies or barrettes to keep the other parts away from the one part you are working on.





Use a Wide-Toothed Comb. A wide-toothed comb is gentler on the tight curls that kinky hair is known for. You will pull out much less hair while combing and cause the person who’s hair you are combing a lot less pain. Do not use brushes on un-moisturized, uncombed kinky hair! IF you choose to use a brush at all on natural, biracial or African-American hair, the Kakakiki KombBrush

Kakakiki KombBrush

or the 5-Row Denmen Brush come  highly recommend, they are very gentle and do a great jobwithout damaging the hair. With brushes in general, use them sparingly, and when you do use them, use the type that has rounded teeth instead of coarse bristles.


Rake Comb

Start to Comb. Grab the section of hair you want to comb and hold it taught, but not too tightly. Start combing out the tight curls nearest the scalp and work your way down, smoothing the hair as you go. Make sure to be gentle when you come across troublesome kinks. Gently keep combing upward or downward until the kink is free. Once you’re done with that section, separate it with a Scrunchie or barrette, then move on to the next section.

You have a lot of work to do so be patient- Polamalu



Remain Patient! If you are combing a biracial, African-American or just natural child’s kinky hair, remember to stay patient. The combing process is naturally

Biracial Hair

going to take longer than combing finer, straight hair. If the child is fussing or crying as you are combing, you are probably doing it too rough and should slow down and lighten your strokes. Comfort the child, show them a mirror, let her feel how soft her hair is, “once it’s combed nicely” (wink). You don’t want to hurt them or rip his or her hair out just to get done a few minutes faster.


Natural Hair Updo




Natural Has Always Been A Beautiful Look - Paula Kelly



Willow Smith - Whip Your Hair







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