Natural Nail Care and Maintenance

As a nail technician, our perfect dream would be to have a full book of clients that frequent our salon for all their nail needs. The reality is that there are a great many women and men that cannot afford or just don’t have time to seek our services on a regular bases.  The client should and can maintain their nails at home between salon visits, there are only a few things that you need to know, remember and do:

Wear Gloves:Excessive hand washing or using household cleaning solutions without protection (gloves) can rob our skin and nails of vital oils and moisture, resulting in split and peeling nails and cuticles.

Reapply Nail Hardener: Twice a week, strength is a combination of hardness and flexibility. 

Use Oil/Moisturizers Daily: Nails that split, peel and crack lack sufficient oil and moisture. Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E supplements keeps nails growing long and strong.  You can apply these tips to keep nails, cuticles and hands healthy and good-looking.


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