Quick Hair Tips

Bad hair day?

Banish Hat-Hair

Whether you’re in need of extra SPF or just had to wear your new fedora, you can fix hat-hair in a pinch by finger-combing a small amount of hand sanitizer (the alcohol helps volumize) through strands. In colder months, spritz your brush with anti-static hairspray before taming flyaways.

Deal with a Bad Haircut

First step: relax (we know it’s hard!). After getting a terrible cut, the general rule of thumb is to not do anything else drastic to your strands for the first few days (except for washing and styling it on your own). If you still don’t like your new ‘do, go back to your stylist and explain what you don’t like about the look. Remember: he or she is professional hairstylist—not a mind-reader. The more you articulate your grievances and hesitations, the easier it will be to come up with a better alternative

Blow Dry Hair Faster

Invest in a better brush. Pricier features like longer brush handles, natural boar bristles, and ergonomic design all add up to faster, better, easier blowouts.

Quench Parched Strands

“When hair is very dry, the cuticle is open and strands feel rough—like a piece of Velcro,” explains Michael Duenas, founder of Hair Room Service (a deluxe service that provides hairstyling house-calls to celebs). Use a deep conditioner with ingredients like Omega 7 and Vitamin C to hydrate hair.

Tone Down Prom Hair

Whether you had your hair done professionally or got carried away at home, prom hair (aka over-styled, pageant hair) still happens to adults. If your ringlets are too uniform, flip your head over and finger-tousle strands until you feel the hold loosen. For hair that’s still too voluminous, lightly dust ends with quick spritzes of water to break up product build-up.

Cure a Product Overdose

It’s easy to overdue it when taming tresses with styling products. Before spritzing hairspray or applying gel, avoid shellacked clumps of hair and apply product to your hands first. Clap your palms together to reduce excess and ensure more even application.

Source RealBeauty.com


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