Dr. Oz recommends Wine Wipes on his Show!

General News According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, while red wine’s high antioxidant levels are good for your health, the acid in red wine can erode your teeth’s enamel. His recommendation to safely and naturally cleanse and protect your teeth – Wine Wipes!!

In yesterday’s “Healthy Habit Backlash” segment (www.doctoroz.com/videos/healthy-habit-backlash-pt-2), Dr. Oz explains that the acid in red wine irritates your teeth’s enamel and scrapes it off, exposing rough patches where pigment can get in and stain your teeth. In addition to staining, enamel breakdown can eventually lead to tooth erosion, cracks, severe sensitivity, and other problems.

Although many people brush their teeth right after drinking red wine to counteract this, Dr. Oz says this is actually the worstthing you can do – the acid has already eroded through the enamel, and then the toothbrush does it more! Instead, he advises red wine drinkers to opt for “super-easy to use” Wine Wipes, which are made with natural ingredients (salt, baking soda, calcium, hydrogen peroxide, etc), are not abrasive to teeth and can be used safely right after drinking red wine.

Check out http://www.winewipes.com for more information or to order Wine Wipes online!


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